Врут, всё врут…

На http://status.livejournal.org/ —

At this point, all of the major, previously-reported issues left over from our datacenter switch have been cleared up. If you experience any problems from Monday onward, please open a Support request with as much detail as possible, so we can look into it.

The previous issue with comment notification emails not being delivered should also now be resolved. However, a popular spam-blocking service has listed us on their block list, most likely because of the volume of email we send. Our system administrators are working with them to get un-listed. In the meantime, you might be unable to receive any email from LiveJournal if your mail provider uses server-side spam blocking.

Thank you to all our users for your patience and support during this transition!

Всё врут… Если бы дело было так, то почему некоторые комментарии доходят, а некоторые — нет?


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